Stories by Katherine Noyes

Why you need to have a Linux LiveCD

As a longtime fan of Linux, I'm a big believer that most business users would benefit greatly by dumping Windows and switching over to the open source operating system instead. It's stable, it's reliable and it's highly secure, among many other advantages.

Written by Katherine Noyes12 Feb. 11 10:58

Three reasons why your business should avoid Facebook

For small businesses, the conventional wisdom today is that social media have become the best way to reach out to potential and current customers, and that companies need to be out there participating actively on Facebook and other social sites. After all, that's where consumers are, right?

Written by Katherine Noyes18 Feb. 11 04:56

Canonical opens up catalog of Linux-friendly components

Though hardware compatibility with Linux improves with each passing day, users of the free and open source operating system can still encounter problems with particular devices and components.

Written by Katherine Noyes11 Feb. 11 11:29

Competitive benefits drive businesses to open source

Vendors of proprietary software are fond of warning potential customers thatopen source software isn't ready for business, typically citing subpar features or a higher total cost of ownership (TCO).

Written by Katherine Noyes09 Feb. 11 08:34

Debian 6.0 breaks free of restrictive licenses

Following a full two years of development, the Debian Project on Sunday released version 6.0 of its namesake Linux distribution, code-named "Squeeze."

Written by Katherine Noyes08 Feb. 11 08:18

Myriad updates come to open source software

January was a busy month for open source software, with numerous packages receiving key updates and improvements. Since so many have been released in rapid-fire succession, now is a good time to take stock of what we've seen so far.

Written by Katherine Noyes03 Feb. 11 08:47

Firefox 4 add-on takes browsing outside the browser

A new, experimental add-on from Mozilla Labs' Prospector project removes the standard browser interface from Firefox 4 and instead gives full priority to Web content.

Written by Katherine Noyes01 Feb. 11 08:31

Linux vendors teaming up for an app store

There seems to be no end to the momentum propelling Linux into the mainstream these days, and this week news came out that's surely among the most exciting developments yet.

Written by Katherine Noyes28 Jan. 11 09:01

Tiny patch cuts Firefox 4's startup time in half

While all the world scrutinized the proposed "Do Not Track" feature for Mozilla's Firefox 4 on Monday, a tiny patch quietly emerged that promises to cut the open source browser's startup time in half on Windows.

Written by Katherine Noyes26 Jan. 11 05:28

Switching to desktop Linux? 6 ways to ease the migration

With all the many compelling reasons for a company to switch to Linux on the desktop, it's no wonder that businesses large and small are increasingly relying on the free and open source operating system.

Written by Katherine Noyes27 Jan. 11 06:52

How Quora could help your business

Question-and-answer sites like Yahoo Answers may offer a quick way to ask questions and get answers, but they tend to be plagued by wisecracks, poor spelling, and generally low quality. On the other hand, a new site targeting this niche, Quora, is going to great lengths to keep quality high.

Written by Katherine Noyes21 Jan. 11 12:00

Why Android users are such a happy lot

Smartphone users tend to hold strong opinions about the various mobile platforms out there, often displaying feverish loyalty to the one they use and outright disdain for all others.

Written by Katherine Noyes20 Jan. 11 05:51

Firefox 4 beta 9 gives short shrift to Linux users

Considerable fanfare greeted Friday's release of the ninth--and apparently final--beta version of Firefox 4, which boosted the popular Web browser with hundreds of bug fixes and a raft of powerful new features.

Written by Katherine Noyes18 Jan. 11 20:09