Stories by Lou Markstrom

​8 steps to a great 2017

Things you can do to ensure you have a highly focused year full and fun and achievement.

Written by Lou Markstrom23 Jan. 17 17:15

​5 tips for a happy holiday season

December is here and the holidays are fast approaching. As we move into this happy and festive season, we want to do all we can to eliminate the stress and difficulties that can often accompany this time of year.

Written by Lou Markstrom02 Dec. 16 10:46

9 ways to unify your IT team

Top CIOs discuss the methods they use to unite people in their IT groups.

Written by Lou Markstrom23 July 16 13:49

4 key ways to create a culture of innovation

Innovation. We all know its importance and the vast majority of organisations include it as one of their core values but are we creating cultures and environments that foster its development? Or will it just remain a buzzword that sounds good and we don’t deliver on it?

Written by Lou Markstrom18 April 16 09:27