Stories by Lou Markstrom

​6 ways to create an organisational engagement strategy

If your business is engaging external suppliers, wants all the options but won't spend the required time or money with your IT group, it might be time to develop an organisational engagement strategy.

Written by Lou Markstrom23 Feb. 16 07:07

​6 ways tech culture is being transformed in education

Technology innovations have had a dramatic impact on the education sector in recent years. University CIOs discuss the top 6 ways the culture of their organisations is changing.

Written by Lou Markstrom25 Jan. 16 11:26

​Should IT be described as innovation technology?

The role of IT has changed from providing technology solutions to now driving business outcomes and strategy through the use of technology. This means the way we think of and define IT must now also change.

Written by Lou Markstrom23 Oct. 15 15:36

Developing your 21st century workforce

Technology chiefs need to build a strategy for talent management that helps their people and teams meet the new demands that are being placed on IT.

Written by Lou Markstrom25 Aug. 15 13:23

6 mindsets of culture transformation

The culture of your organisation will determine its success. It’s the environment that you create that is either supporting your vision, mission, goals, and purpose or it’s the environment that you are fighting against while pursuing these.

Written by Lou Markstrom29 June 15 11:50

Becoming an innovative anticipator

Last month, I talked about why there was never a better time to be an IT professional as the IT maturity curve reaches a new level.

Written by Lou Markstrom26 May 15 11:49

IT maturity curve reaches a new level

There are now 12 critical core skills that need to be present in the members of your IT team and only one of those is technical.

Written by Lou Markstrom21 April 15 10:53

Where IT meets marketing

How many of you woke up this morning thinking, ‘I can’t wait to start marketing IT’s value today!’ It sounds like a strange question but it’s a thought and an orientation that’s becoming more and more critical to IT organisations.

Written by Lou Markstrom25 March 15 13:19

9 tips for building rapport with people

Understanding the human side of the IT equation is critical to the success of any IT professional. The ability to develop a feeling of connectedness and understanding is an important aspect of developing productive and trusted relationships.

Written by Lou Markstrom23 Feb. 15 10:53

Leadership for performance

Is your team operating at their optimal level of performance? Are they inspired? Motivated? Do they show up day to day in tune with a vision and purpose that they are excited about?

Written by Lou Markstrom21 Jan. 15 16:49

8 time management tips for the holiday season

It’s that time of year. Work, shopping, parties, family and the list goes on and on. This joyous and festive time of year can very easily turn into overload, stress, and overwhelm you if you don’t manage your time effectively.

Written by Lou Markstrom21 Nov. 14 09:57

The six mindsets of effective leadership

The world of IT leadership has changed; it’s no longer about keeping IT systems humming. It is now about the ability to lead high performance organisations that partner with the business to consistently deliver services.

Written by Lou Markstrom23 Oct. 14 16:03