Stories by Lucian Constantin

WannaCry attacks are only the beginning

As the WannaCry ransomware attack evolves, more cybercriminals are likely to attempt to profit from the vulnerability it exploits and similar flaws in the future.

Written by Lucian Constantin16 May 17 03:39

New ransomware Jaff demands $3,700 payments

Attackers behind the highly successful Locky and Bart ransomware campaigns have returned with a new creation: A malicious file-encrypting program called Jaff that asks victims for payments of around $3,700

Written by Lucian Constantin13 May 17 01:08

Cyberspies tap free tools to make powerful malware framework

Over the past year, a group of attackers has managed to infect hundreds of computers belonging to government agencies with a malware framework stitched together from JavaScript code and publicly available tools.

Written by Lucian Constantin06 May 17 00:54

Financial cybercrime group abuses Windows app compatibility feature

The FIN7 financially motivated cybercrime group is abusing the Windows Application Compatibility Infrastructure, a feature that makes it possible for enterprises and developers to quickly resolve incompatibilities between their applications and new Windows versions.

Written by Lucian Constantin05 May 17 04:05