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Stories by Meridith Levinson

Introducing the safe social media background check

"The number of sexually explicit photos and videos [that people post of themselves online] is staggering," says Max Drucker, CEO of Social Intelligence, citing the shocking things his company has uncovered. Social Intelligence conducts social media background checks for employers that either want to monitor their employees' online activities or screen job seekers' Web-based pursuits.

Written by Meridith Levinson21 May 11 05:03

CIO salaries, satisfaction, and standing rise

Working life is looking up for CIOs in 2011, according to findings from the latest Harvey Nash Global CIO survey, which the executive search firm released yesterday.

Written by Meridith Levinson12 May 11 00:35

IT pay creeps up after two-year downward spiral

After two years of pay cuts and stagnating wages, IT salaries are once again on the rise, driven by demand for contract and permanent IT staff, according to IT staffing industry executives.

Written by Meridith Levinson10 May 11 02:40

How to file an EEOC employment discrimination charge

Talk to many IT professionals over 40 and they'll tell you age discrimination is rampant in the field. They'll share stories of being passed up for jobs because they're too old and about the subtle and not-so-subtle ways hiring managers and HR personnel ask them about their age (e.g., Do you have any kids? When did you graduate from high school?).

Written by Meridith Levinson30 April 11 03:52

Social networks: New hotbed for hiring discrimination claims

Social networking websites are fast becoming a staple of corporate recruiting. Depending on which studies you read, anywhere from 39 to 65 percent of companies use social networking websites to identify and screen potential candidates for open positions.

Written by Meridith Levinson19 April 11 05:56

Project management: 5 traits of 'transformational' PMOs

As companies begin to re-invest in capital projects, project management offices (PMOs) need to gear up to facilitate these new plans. But that doesn't mean they need to adopt more methodology, documentation and process. In fact, many PMOs would be better served by taking a leaner approach to project management, according to a recent report from Forrester Research.

Written by Meridith Levinson13 April 11 06:25

How to network: 5 tips for maximizing your meetings

When you're involved in a job search, meetings over lunch or coffee with contacts in your network-and with your contacts' contacts-can help you uncover job opportunities or lead you to people who work at desirable organizations. Depending on how you approach these meetings, your networking will be either tremendously productive or a painful waste of everyone's time.

Written by Meridith Levinson07 April 11 04:21

How to quit your job the right way

Given signs that the IT job market is finally thawing, IT professionals are actively searching for better career opportunities. Who can blame them? After two years of withering under budget cuts that left people more overworked and underpaid than ever, IT professionals at all levels are ready to jet. Many of you can't wait to tell your employers, "I quit!"

Written by Meridith Levinson30 March 11 05:58

CIO résumés: Compare yours to the cream of the crop

If you've recently begun to update your résumé, you've probably encountered conflicting opinions on how to write a résumé for a CIO position so as to attract an executive recruiter's attention. For example, you may have heard or read that your résumé needs to tell a story about your work experience, and thus needs to include specific details about your professional accomplishments. Yet you've probably also read that a résumé, by nature, should be brief, and that the goal of your résumé is to give the executive recruiter just enough information to make him want to call you to find out more. Such contradictory advice can curse even the most effective communicators with writer's block when they have to re-write their résumés.

Written by Meridith Levinson05 Nov. 10 05:44

How to network: 7 ways to give, not just receive

One of the reasons you may not like to network is because, in asking others for help with a job search, you feel you're imposing on your contacts (and their contacts). But viewing networking as an imposition demonstrates several common misconceptions about the practice: that only one person benefits from the exchange; that job seekers have nothing to give to the people with whom they're networking; and that the people being contacted don't want to meet or see the job seeker.

Written by Meridith Levinson27 Oct. 10 06:15

Long-term unemployment & your job search: 10 ways to compete

Nearly 42 per cent of the 14.8 million Americans who are out of work fall into the category of "long-term unemployed," according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, meaning they have been jobless for 27 weeks or more.

Written by Meridith Levinson15 Oct. 10 06:25

Hottest jobs and skills in cloud, mobile app development

Want to lock in some job security in IT over the next five years? Then make sure you're poised to move into cloud computing or mobile application development. That's where the IT jobs are expected to be, according to 2,000 IT professionals recently surveyed by IBM.

Written by Meridith Levinson13 Oct. 10 05:58

Job search tips: Thank you note do's and don'ts

In this employer's market for talent, job seekers need to pull out all the stops to impress hiring managers and distinguish themselves from the legions of other qualified candidates looking for jobs. That means sending thank you notes to hiring managers immediately after job interviews. It sounds like basic job search advice, but the practice of sending thank you notes is not as common as it should be, especially among younger workers, according to Tracy Cashman, partner and general manager of the information technology group at staffing firm Winter, Wyman & Company.

Written by Meridith Levinson08 Oct. 10 06:09

Leaving your job: What you can and can't take with you

When some people leave a job, the only thing they want to take with them from their office is their dignity, and maybe some family photos. Others leave with contact lists, project plans, marketing collateral, code snippets and other work-related files from their computers. Still other employees take the opportunity to loot the supply cabinet for notebooks, pens, flash drives and other items that they don't want to buy from Staples.

Written by Meridith Levinson30 Sept. 10 05:06

IT jobs: Foreign workers need not apply

Daniel Rego got up early on April 8, 2010, donned his best suit, and printed copies of his résumé, headlined by a newly minted masters degree in information systems from George Washington University. Then he headed off to a career fair held by George Washington University's School of Business with the hope of landing an IT job.

Written by Meridith Levinson28 Sept. 10 09:32