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  • F5 gets more cloud-friendly

    F5 is making file virtualization more cloud friendly with the introduction of software that translates storage protocols, making it possible to store files in public or private cloud networks using a range of technologies.

    Written by Tim Greene07 Dec. 10 07:24
  • IBM cloud patching system highlights virtualization research

    IBM's research division is working on several virtualization projects that could boost security of cloud computing networks, reduce data center power costs, and improve the ability to run multiple hypervisors and operating systems, including Linux and Windows.

    Written by Jon Brodkin03 Dec. 10 06:31
  • What today's server shipments tell you about cloud

    Don't look now, but the recently moribund server market rebounded sharply this year. According to Ben Worthen's recent blog on WSJ.com, server shipments jumped 15 per cent during Q3. This increase continues the year's higher shipment rates, and reverses the previous declines of 2009. Of course, some of this growth reflects the economic improvement vis a vis the investment clampdown resulting from the global recession of 2008-2009.

    Written by Bernard Golden02 Dec. 10 07:20
  • Start-up transforms unused desktop cycles into fast server clusters

    When you consider technologies that make corporate IT more efficient by improving utilization of computing resources, <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/060710-tech-argument-citrix-vmware-microsoft.html?source=NWWNLE_nlt_daily_am_2010-06-18">VMware</a> and its x86 virtualization software may be what that comes to mind.

    Written by Jon Brodkin30 Nov. 10 08:35
  • Survey: Flexibility, agility drive desktop virtualisation

    Business agility is slowly replacing cost as the factor driving most companies down the path of desktop virtualisation. According to a survey from Molten Technologies, companies are also unsure whether the drive to desktop virtualisation would be a way to simplify processes - more than half thought desktop virtualisation presented the same management challenge as their existing physical PCs.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter27 Nov. 10 02:35
  • New free management tools from Citrix

    A new tool from Citrix has been designed to help XenDesktop users gather more detailed information about the hardware that is being used.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter27 Nov. 10 02:12
  • What next for Novell?

    In an era of technology industry consolidation, the questions raised by Novell's sale to Attachmate for $2.2 billion ought to be familiar by now. Analysts can only speculate -- and users can only wonder -- what may happen to Novell's deep and extensive enterprise product lines.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau24 Nov. 10 02:05
  • Desktop virtualization: Vendors fight but users still happy

    There is so much competition for what computer companies perceive as a tremendous growth opportunity in desktop virtualization that the leading virtual desktop vendors have taken to re-announcing packages and products to highlight small improvements and garner some attention.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty18 Nov. 10 07:02
  • 10 free Microsoft products for IT and home users

    Microsoft doesn't earn billions of dollars every month by giving away its software. But even Microsoft is no stranger to offering freebies in a bid to increase customer loyalty.

    Written by Jon Brodkin18 Nov. 10 03:13
  • Cisco announces virtual desktops for video collaboration

    Cisco today announced two new virtual desktop devices, more efficient virtualization software and more affordable videoconferencing endpoints, building on its line of video collaboration tools and capabilities for companies.

    Written by Matt Hamblen15 Nov. 10 21:20
  • Media production firm consolidates data for growth

    Sydney-based media production and distribution company, Beyond International, has consolidated its disparate data silos to better prepare it for growth and improve its business continuity strategy.

    Written by Rodney Gedda15 Nov. 10 14:23
  • Beyond the data centre

    Information technology sits at the top of the iceberg in respect to greenhouse gas emissions, but as the heartbeat of any business it plays a vital role in moving companies towards cleaner — and more profitable — business practices.

    Written by Kelly Mills12 Nov. 10 11:48
  • Stats framework could help determine cloud security

    Companies looking to adopt cloud computing could cut their chances of being compromised by using a statistical framework to assess risk according to Runaware. Concerns about security are the main inhibitors for companies looking to adopt cloud technology, yet a simple methodology could be employed to reduce exposure said Dr Prasad Saripilli, the VP for Runaware.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter12 Nov. 10 01:41
  • The Economics of the Cloud: Dissecting a key white paper

    If you want to understand the key driver of the cloud computing revolution, you owe it to yourself to read Microsoft's new white paper "The Economics of the Cloud." In it, authors Rolf Harms and Michael Yamartino lay out an analysis of the economics that underlie cloud computing, and demonstrate in a convincing fashion why the shift to this new technology platform is inevitable. A copy of the paper is available as a download from the blog posting by the authors, located here.

    Written by Bernard Golden12 Nov. 10 06:25