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  • Brocade buys NFV mobile analytics assets

    Brocade this week today announced that it has acquired the network visibility and analytics technology assets from privately held Vistapointe in an all-cash transaction.

    Written by Jim Duffy16 Sept. 14 08:03
  • How network virtualization is used as a security tool

    When people think of network virtualization, the advantages that come to mind typically include faster provisioning of networks, easier management of networks and more efficient use of resources. But network virtualization can have another major benefit as well: security.

    Written by Brandon Butler15 Sept. 14 23:24
  • VMworld 2014: VMware extends virtual workspaces to mobile devices

    VMware has assembled a package that combines its desktop virtualisation software with its tools for managing mobile devices, giving administrators a unified suite to manage all of their end-users' application requirements.

    Written by Joab Jackson27 Aug. 14 07:12
  • HyTrust, Intel team to lock down VMware virtual machines

    HyTrust, in a partnership with Intel, today said its cloud security software used with VMware-based virtual machines can now ensure those VMs will only run in designated trusted locations based on what's called new "boundary controls."

    Written by Ellen Messmer26 Aug. 14 22:49
  • Docker gets a GitHub-like repository from CoreOS

    Chasing the successful hosting model of GitHub, Linux distributor CoreOS has set up an online repository where organizations can store and share their Docker containers.

    Written by Joab Jackson14 Aug. 14 03:00
  • Finish line approaches for Hyundai virtual desktop rollout

    Hyundai's Australian subsidiary is close to completing a company-wide VDI rollout. Head of IT at Hyundai Motor Company Australia, Bala Kothandaraman, said that virtual desktops had been rolled out to around 45 per cent of the organisation's 200 end users, with the remainder to transition in two months.

    Written by Rohan Pearce18 July 14 14:55
  • Sparc and Windows get more love in Oracle VM update

    The latest release of Oracle's software for managing virtual machines offers the same set of features to Sparc users as to those who manage virtual machines on x86 servers.

    Written by Joab Jackson03 July 14 03:09
  • SDN: The next steps

    Software Defined Networking technology is maturing and there are several real world use cases, but for most shops it is still a question of figuring out how we get there from here. In this Network World special report we analyze the promise and the options:

    Written by John Dix26 June 14 01:56