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Stories by John E Dunn

Many browsers runs insecure plug-ins, analysis finds

Large numbers of web browsers run out of date plug-ins that render them vulnerable to security exploits, a new analysis by security management company Qualys has found.

Written by John E Dunn19 May 11 00:13

Bin Laden used USB sticks to send messages

Far from scratching messages in Arabic on paper, Osama Bin Laden communicated with the outside world using a security-conscious mix of offline email and a large library of USB sticks, US sources have reported.

Written by John E Dunn14 May 11 03:30

LastPass hack fear leads to password reset

The boast by LastPass that its browser login tool "is the last password you'll ever need" has turned hollow with the news that its entire customer base will have to reset their master password after the company detected a possible attack on its database.

Written by John E Dunn06 May 11 00:12

Microsoft Security Essentials struggles in antivirus tests

Microsoft's popular free antivirus program Security Essentials has put in a mediocre showing in the latest quarterly tests from German test outfit AV-Test.org, finishing second bottom out of 22 products.

Written by John E Dunn05 May 11 03:22

X Factor contestants warned after 250,000 data breach

Would-be contestants of Simon Cowell's US X Factor might have got more public exposure than they bargained for with the news that the details of 250,000 of them have been lost after an attack on the TV show's database.

Written by John E Dunn05 May 11 00:12

Mac users hit by first rogue antivirus app

Mac users are being warned to study search engine results carefully for the first significant fake antivirus 'scareware' program to target the platform and its loyal following.

Written by John E Dunn04 May 11 00:32

PlayStation credit card data was encrypted, Sony confirms

Customer credit card data held by Sony as part of its PlayStation Network (PSN) and Qriocity services was fully encrypted, the company has confirmed in the aftermath of last week's massive hacking data breach.

Written by John E Dunn29 April 11 02:21

Kidnapped son of Kaspersky CEO freed by police

The son of <a href="http://blogs.techworld.com/war-on-error/2008/04/eugene-kaspersky--rock-n-roll-thaws-russia/">Eugene Kaspersky</a>, co-founder and CEO of the antivirus company Kaspersky Lab, has been freed unharmed after apparently being held captive for four days last week.

Written by John E Dunn26 April 11 23:56

Ubuntu Linux boosted by 10,000 seat PC win

Canonical has taken the wraps off a morale-boosting deal that has seen German insurance giant LVM Versicherungen convert 10,000 PCs to use Ubuntu Linux across the company's operations.

Written by John E Dunn22 April 11 23:34

Zomm smartphone security alarm arrives in UK

The tiny Zomm smartphone security 'leash' has finally been launched in the UK with the company earnestly promoting it as the best way to never leave an expensive device behind.

Written by John E Dunn16 April 11 04:06

New hard drive wipes itself if taken out of PC

Toshiba has come up with a type of self-encrypting hard drive (SED) that can automatically wipe data if it is removed from a paired computer by an attacker.

Written by John E Dunn14 April 11 04:15

Fortinet unhappy with tests showing firewall flaw

Security vendor Fortinet has hit back against tests by NSS Labs that showed one of its high-end firewalls along with products from other vendors could be hacked using a 'TCP split handshake attack'.

Written by John E Dunn14 April 11 01:19