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Stories by Juan Carlos Perez

Facebook releases real-time Web server tech as open source

Facebook is releasing as open source a Web server technology because it wants to make it easier for developers to create applications that let users post status updates in real time, a functionality popularized by Twitter.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez11 Sept. 09 05:04

Facebook Connect goes mobile

Facebook is extending its Connect data portability technology to developers of mobile sites and applications, following its launch six months ago for iPhone developers, the company announced Thursday in an official blog.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez04 Sept. 09 04:25

Gmail suffers widespread outage

Google's Gmail e-mail service is currently down for a majority of its tens of millions of users, the company acknowledged Tuesday afternoon.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez02 Sept. 09 08:13

Google to let Apps users try out Wave

Google will let some users of its Apps suite test-drive in the fall its Wave collaboration and communication tool, the company said on Tuesday in an official blog.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez02 Sept. 09 07:55

Report: Nortel CEO on his way out

Nortel Networks' CEO Mike Zafirovski will leave the troubled provider of telecommunications equipment in the coming weeks, The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing anonymous sources.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez10 Aug. 09 08:33

Future uncertain for Yahoo developer programs

Yahoo's high-profile and widely used search APIs (application programming interfaces) and search programs for external developers are up in the air after the company's decision to outsource its search engine services to Microsoft.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez30 July 09 07:53

Google promises simple e-store creation with Checkout gadget

People can create an online store in "a matter of minutes" with a new gadget application that uses Google's Checkout electronic payment service and its Docs spreadsheet application, Google announced Friday.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez03 Aug. 09 05:28

Outlook separation anxiety holds back Google Apps

In its bold march to become a credible collaboration and communication suite for businesses, Google Apps has encountered a frequent roadblock that has proven more vexing than expected to circumvent: good old Microsoft Outlook.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez13 July 09 04:34

Ask.com bets on semantic search, targeting special audiences

In the past eight months, Ask.com has unfurled a set of changes to its search engine that the IAC unit calls a success, although its share of U.S. search queries has actually shrunk during that time period.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez03 July 09 04:31

Facebook simplifies privacy settings, calls them too complex

Facebook will simplify the way in which it offers privacy options to its users, as it gets ready to give its members for the first time the option to make the content they post on their profiles available to anyone on the Internet.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez02 July 09 05:48

YouTube readies redesign amid chorus of complaints

YouTube plans to soon switch all of its members to a redesign of its channel pages that it has been testing for several months, although many people want the Google video-sharing site to give them the option to keep the old layout.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez01 July 09 09:16